About Me

Erika Harmon of Notes of NostalgiaHello friends! I’m so excited you’re here! Put a record on, kick back and let me introduce myself.

I’m Erika, an old lady in a twenty-something’s body, living in Portland. My long list of loves include:

  • Eclectic, vintage decor
  • Color and prints
  • Music, especially classic rock, 80’s new wave, indie rock & jazz (sorry no hippity hops up in here)
  • Graphic design
  • Anything British (gimme more Cumberbatch)
  • Movies & TV, especially if it’s directed by Hitchcock or Wes Anderson, starring Nic Cage or produced by Lifetime
  • My celebrity BFF Mindy Kaling
  • Cooking and attempting to bake
  • Photography
  • My fella Brett and our cat Sherlock

I’m pretty sure I had whatever Benjamin Button had and was born an old lady. When I was a kid, I watched “I Love Lucy” and “I Dream of Jeanie” religiously, read every “Nancy Drew” book and listened to Frank Sinatra (ok yes and Spice Girls, guilty). My brother and I used to make movies together, reenacting our favorite 1960’s shows like “Get Smart” and “Batman.” He wore more tights and wigs than he’ll ever admit to.

I discovered my love for music in high school, and became only slightly obsessed with classic rock. On weekends, I scoured record stores for anything by bands like The Kinks, The Doors and Queen, and swooned over young Bob Dylan in “No Direction Home.” Today I’m just as obsessed with music; I almost always have something playing, whether I’m driving, at work or in the car. I like to pretend that my favorite bands are playing the soundtrack to my life.

About Notes of Nostalgia

My love for decorating came from my mom, who was an interior designer, and was always switching up the look of our house. One day it was classic English country, the other Egyptian, the next beachy. I used to steal her Ballard Design and Pottery Barn catalogues, cutout everything I loved, and paste together these paper dream houses.

I’m a firm believer that everyone should love the space their in. Whether it’s your home or office, your environment can boost your mood, foster creativity and improve your overall happiness. I also believe that design is a journey with your style ever-changing. I’m constantly discovering inspiration in new places and like my mom, changing up my home with new finds.

I started “Notes of Nostalgia” to share my inspirations and my passion for design, music and the past, to help others create a space that inspires them. My dream is for everyone to have a lovely home, filled with good tunes, laughs and baked goods.